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Theft Registry - Theft Alerts!

Ettersøkt is a browser-based theft registry that aims to combat crimes for profit, and to help people avoid buying stolen goods.
On our websites you will find a list of items reported stolen or lost.

Have you looked for a unique ID-number or the serial number of an item and got hits on Ettersøkt, we recommend you to not purchase, or otherwise acquire/use the item. If you make contact with items that are registered here with Ettersøkt, we encourage you to contact the police or us here in Ettersøkt.

To put an end to crimes for profit the profitability for the thief and the fence must be removed.
This can easily be done by making a theft message on Ettersøkt if anything has been stolen from you.

A theft alert at Ettersøkt offers many benefits.
-  We send  theft messages by e-mail to everybody in our theft alert register
-  Stolen items are made searchable/traceable for everyone who has access to the

-  Thieves have problems selling stolen goods
-  No fence wants to buy stolen goods that are registered with Ettersøkt
-  Profitability for the thief and the fence disappears
-  The theft messages will indicate where the goods are stolen. (location, city and country)
-  Easier to return stolen items to their rightful owner
-  Risky to do service/repairs on stolen goods that are traceable/searchable
-  The police will receive several tips
-  We avoid recruitment to the crimes for profit because the profitability is removed

    and the chances for being arrested by the police are considerably increased.
-  Ettersøkt provides a win-win situation for the whole society

We need your help to obtain a society with less crime:
1) Give notice of a theft with Ettersøkt if something is stolen
2) Check on Ettersøkt  BEFORE you buy anything second-hand
3) Tell your friends and colleagues about Etterøkt